Monday, March 10, 2008

Robins in the Hand Tree

My daughter is blossoming in so many ways. Not the least of which is her creative bloom. She has a yen to be a master cake decorator, and so with Dad and I insisting she get her undergrad degree before she leaps into that world of frosting, fondant and sugar-roses, she has decided to major in Art. Now, mind you, she is several months from starting college, much less declaring a major, but she has her mind made up....for now. However, she has definitely shown some creative stretching during this year. Her previous project - a wire shape covered with nylon hosiery - became a beautiful red Cardinal. And this plaster hand could not be satisfied with a realist's finish of skin tones and nails, but instead begged to be a part of our spring world developing right outside the window. So budding limbs and Robin's eggs grace the Sycamore Hand, complete with tree swing.

I love seeing her imagination run amuck!

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