Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wild and Windy

I had every intention of getting the existing beds in my veggie garden layered with peat moss and compost today. Of 4 rows, I did 1/2 of ONE row. This crazy March wind was gusty when I started, and by the time I got a 1/2 row complete, it was just out of control. I put away the peat moss before it all ended up in the next county! However, there were lots of things that helped make the day enjoyable in spite of my change in plans. First, I heard the peeper frogs last night for the first time this year...and then again nearly all day today. Their voices are my favorite spring sound as they are usually one of the first signs that spring is upon us. Then I got to enjoy watching a trio of Canadian Geese catch their breakfast (some of the peepers?!) in the small pond just west of the garden. Later on I peeked inside the wintersown containers and was thrilled to see that I now have Lupine, Swiss Chard, and onions sprouted!

While I was in the garden, I was serenaded by the sounds of many different birds that seemed to be singing in delight at the warm spring-like day. A rather rowdy bunch pulled my attenti
on from the soil at my feet to high above in a nearby elm. A group of 40+ Redwing Blackbirds were gathered in the elm, which also made me recognize the buds on the old elm are enlarging and developing a deep crimson tinge. Now, if only it could stay this way. But, oh no, Winter isn't going to give up her reign quite so easily as that. The weather predictions are for rain and snow and cooler temps again tomorrow. Patience...patience...oh for just a bit more patience!

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