Sunday, March 30, 2008

Got to dig in the dirt today!

Today made up for yesterday and put me in a better frame of mind. A warm front moved in after storms rolled through early this morning. The day was overcast and only mildly windy, so I got to dig in the dirt and do some transplanting! I planted "hunks" of broccoli and cauliflower seedlings from their wintersown containers. This is a 2nd attempt as I tried separating the seedlings into singles and transplanting last week and they all died. I've got my fingers crossed these survive, but if not, there are still those in the cold-frames that I'll save to transplant for a couple more weeks.

Then I planted the Flat of Italy onions, the Crimson Forest Bunching onions, and the chives into the garden. I've still got quite a few in the wintersown containers "just in case". It seems a bit early, but the day was just so perfect and I'm itching to get the garden going. I may spend the entire month of April covering these babies up every night.
Now, what I REALLY need to get busy with is finishing the layering in my current garden, and getting new beds prepared in the new one. I just can't seem to get the energy, the right weather and the time to all come together they way I need them to. Hopefully I'll get a chance each night this week to get a little done and be able to finish the "old" garden before the weekend. Then I can devote all next weekend to the building of the new beds. Stay tuned....

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