Friday, March 21, 2008

A Good-kind-of-Sore

Today was one of those "I know I'm gonna pay, but I'm doing it anyway" days. I waaaaaaay over did and am so stiff and sore it's ridiculous. But, I did what I set out to do and THAT feels so good! I had located some used concrete retaining wall blocks for a good price and wanted to get those home. Plus I had finally devised a plan for rebuilding my kitchen garden since recent heavy rains had washed part of it away. So, I spent a good 8 hours or more lifting, pulling, hoeing, digging, bending, shoving, shoveling, squatting, kneeling and whatever else one does when they build garden beds with walls and haul some 1,300 lbs. of concrete blocks home in the back of their van! I think some icy hot and tylenol are in my immediate future, if I want to sleep pain-free tonight. Hopefully weather and body will cooperate and in the next few weeks I'll get these wimpy muscles of mine back in gardening-shape. I have big plans to layout a whole new set of garden beds and get them built before the end of April. That ought to get the body firmed up a bit!

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