Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Cucurbit Patch

I promised myself that this year I would grow some fun decorative things for fall, as well as try my hand at winter squash and melons. The result is a jungle of vines with leaves in a variety of hues, shapes and sizes - really quite pretty from a distance.
Among the decoratives will be this mini white pumpkin - I've noticed 4-5 so far.
And orange mini pumpkins - again 4-5 are visible. And this is a baby! It's already the size of a ready-to-pick zucchini and it's only just begun growing! I saved seed from a squash I bought at a farmer's market a couple of years ago - the seller called it a "Neck Pumpkin". It looked just like a butternut, but with a much longer neck. Which was really wonderful because the seeds were only in the bottom of the squash. Made an amazing "pumpkin" pie as well as squash soup with it if I remember correctly. I've noticed 4 of these, and expect lots more.
Here is a view of the patch. With the variety of leaves and randomly spaced marigolds it really is a pretty little space.And I couldn't finish this post without a couple of shots of my watermelons! This is the first time I've successfully grown melons. (I'm assuming I've waited long enough to claim success anyway.) This is the one I've named 'monster' - it is already bigger than a basketball! And, here are the 'Triplets'...can you see all three of the Wilson Sweets? I've been told to pinch off the blooms after 2 or 3 melons start growing, but I've got such a crammed-full patch of these that I can't tell which is growing from which vine! I just figure I'll start pinching off blooms and small melons now that I've located about 10 nice-sized fruit, and hope for the best!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Worth the Wait

This project was long overdue to be done - and thanks to my two favorite handy-guys (hubby and son #3) it is finally complete! My inspiration for this came from a wonderfully talented lady whose blog I love to follow - "Beyond the Picket Fence". She created her shutter planter back in May of this year, and I've wanted one ever since I first laid eyes on hers.Once I decided I was going to make one, I started watching for shutters and wire basket-things at yard sales. By mid-June I had found both for a total of $5.00. I even found three brand-new terra cotta pots in the perfect size, complete with drip bowls for another $1.50.First I removed the small knobs and cleaned and lightly sanded the shutters. Next I painted them with dark brown spray paint. (A can I had bought at a yard sale last year for a quarter!) After that dried I started layering acrylic paint (brushed on) and candle wax according to directions my inspiration blogger has posted. You roughly slap on a coat, let dry, rub a candle over random areas, paint the next color, scrape away a bit of the paint where the wax is, then rub on more wax and paint again. Continue until you have all the layers you want.

After the brown spray-on, I used this blue, then yellow, then green, and finished with a burnt umber glaze I had left over from a previous project.I thought I would have this done and hung by July 4th, but it kept getting put on the back burner. At last, I finished the painting and with the help of my handy-guys got everything securely attached together and hung by our front door. Cost - about $8 (not including plants). Best of all, I finally replaced that tired old wreath I had in this spot with something really eye-catching!
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