Sunday, December 27, 2009

Putting the Finishing Touches on 2009

How can it be that 2009 is nearly done? Didn't I just finally start writing 2009 instead of 2008 on my checks? (Well, actually, yes, but that's another issue...) So, it's time to tie up the loose ends of 2009 and start planning for the new decade. Wow.

I guess it's kind of exciting. The next several weeks will be ones of planning. It's too cold and nasty outdoors to do much outside here. Actually that prevents a lot of inside "stuff" too, because we can't leave windows open to air out a freshly painted room, nor do I care to deal with all the mud and ice (and more) that would be tracked in should we try to replace the floor in the "studio". (That's what the artsy daughter calls it - it's the room where my desk and PC and files are. And ALL her art stuff and tables and storage and more.) So, I'll plan out the 2010 garden, order seed for new veggies I want to try, sew, create, dream and plan some more. I'm already in withdrawal because there are no yard sales for the next 8-10 weeks and then only few and far between until April really.

But, back to the creating. I got bit by the "create" bug just before Christmas. I made the daughters and DILs each a therapy bag (corn-filled). Soooo easy and so useful! Then I made these stuffed Owl pillows for each of the granddaughters. It was so sweet to see the little 5-year-old hug hers tightly and not put it down all Christmas morning!
I hope to get a bit more creating done before the week, and the year (and the decade - yikes!) ends. Maybe some earrings....or wrist warmers...or glass-painting...or....
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