Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bring on the sunshine

What a dismal day today was! Cloudy, cool, misty/rainy. And yes, I could have donned layers on layers and worked in the garden anyway, but my aching head (sinuses reacting to pollen and changes in air pressure) and a general sense of aggravation toward the weather prevented that. Oh, and two grandaughters who brought smiles and hugs to me this afternoon.

I did manage a few photos of the growing that is going on, inside and out.
Photo 1:
Broccoli surrounded by Buttercrunch lettuce - growing in a cold-frame.

Photo 2: Mustard-Spinach (Komatsuna) growing in leaps and bounds in another cold-frame.

Photo 3: Gorgeous 6-week old Bell Pepper "Orange" that is growing in my indoor seed-starting area.
This and a couple of other varieties are nice big plants already at around 7" tall!

Photo #4: White Hailstone Radishes - these seeds started germinating only 3 days after sowing.
And they seem to like their cold-frame home - growing quickly - or I suppose quickly as I've never grown radishes before.

And, finally, Photo 5: Wild Strawberry seedlings that I started indoors. Sooooo tiny! They were about as big around as a human hair when they first emerged from the soil, and still aren't very big. Sowed 6 seeds - just wanted to see what happened. I'll try some more in wintersown jugs next week.
I'm looking forward to these - another first - and I would guess they won't produce a large volume of fruit, but it will be fun to have berries for their ornamental value too.

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