Monday, March 17, 2008

In the pink

I don't consider pink to be one of my favorite colors for most things, but for these, I wouldn't change their colors one iota! They are just the thing to keep spring dreams alive while we wait for winter to loosen her grip.

My sweet husband chose a couple of lovely pink-tinged ornamentals as gifts for me on valentine's day - Rhoheo (the striped leaf) and Pink Splash (Hypoestes phyllostacha). For now they seem happy living amongst my other indoor plants, waiting for warm weather and a spot in one of the outdoor flower beds.

And, this gorgeous Azalea with it's striking
pink double blooms is courtesy of my new boss. She surprised me with this beauty a couple of weeks ago. And yes, the blooms are a bit stressed looking... somehow I missed that they weren't getting enough water and I nearly lost the whole plant! It seems to be making a good comeback though and hopefully I'll find the perfect spot for her outside in a few weeks. With her showy blooms, I want to find a great place to showcase this one.

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