Monday, April 7, 2008

Where'd the weekend go?

I blinked and it's another work week! Wow, did the weekend really fly by so quickly? It was gorgeous and sunshiny both Saturday and Sunday. And both days I stayed outside nearly all day. My nose and arms have a pink tinge (oops - forgot sunscreen) and my backside and legs don't want to move. But the good news is the ribbon grass is gone from my flower bed. I was going to leave two small mounds of it, but then I realized it was growing up and under the siding on the house - so bye-bye ribbon grass! I took the pieces I thought might survive and placed them around a huge tree where - if it grows - shouldn't do any harm. Pretty stuff - but very invasive!

I also drafted 'volunteers' to help. Daughter, Fallan, helped me start building my new garden beds by laying down cardboard and throwing some compost on top. We also put down some wood mulch for a walking path.

I grabbed one of my sons, Josh, when he came out on Sunday, and with his muscle we got the brown concrete landscaping blocks trenched into an outline around the flower bed on the east side of the house.
Good work - good weekend - just need to get more, more, more done!

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