Sunday, April 20, 2008

Full weekend

My weekend started on Thursday - I took 2 vacation days so I could help my oldest daughter with the garage sale. We set up, and put out signs on Thursday. Friday morning it rained, but we hung in there and opened about 7 am anyway. The rain stopped after 9 am, but the temps were so cool that we were miserable (even with long johns, gloves and lots of hot coffee!) the rest of the day. But, the turn out was good, considering, and we sold lots of junk. Saturday was better weather-wise, but we didn't sell nearly as much as on Friday. So, we closed up and I came home hoping to take a nap. BUT - heard a news report of the crash of a skydiving plane, where 2 people were killed. That was terrifying, because the daughter of dear friends of ours was going skydiving that day. After trying to contact our friends for over 2 hours, they finally returned our call and assured us that they and their daughter were fine. She had jumped only 2 hours before the accident - and from the very plane that later crashed. We were so relieved (to the point of tears) to learn she was alright - yet so saddened for the families of those who died. It was an emotionally draining evening to say the least. We have known Christen (on right in photo) since she was born, and she and our daughter (on left in photo) have been closer than many sisters.

Then today my daughter and I attended the inauguration of the 16th President of the university where I work, and where daughter will begin studies in the fall of this year. The ceremonies were very nice, and it was a gorgeous day for the celebration. We came home to enjoy the company of my son and his little boy for a couple of hours and prepare some grilled hamburgers for all of us before they had to leave. Then the skydiver girl and her mom came by and we got to hug her and tell her how much we loved her, so it was a great day, in many ways.

However, my beloved garden has been much-neglected this weekend. I am beginning to wonder if I'll get my new beds made in time to plant! I only logged about 4 hours total in the garden over the last 4 days. If the rains come that are predicted for this week, I probably won't get much more done before next weekend. Gotta get in turbo-mode if I'm going to grow all the things I've been dreaming of for the last 6+ months!

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