Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sometimes it's just fate

Yes, sometimes fate is the only explanation. Why else would it be that I found the most wonderful of all yard sale finds this very weekend? A self-contained seed-starting setup complete with room on each of the 3 shelves for 2 seed trays, plus it has 2 fluorescent lights above each shelf. This thing is made of sturdy fiberglass, has rollers on the bottom making it easy to move around, and has just one electric cord connected to 3 switches that operate the lights. The purchase included 4 black plastic seed flats, the clear plastic covers for those plus 3-4 more, 2 sturdy metal doo-hickeys with holes to set flower pots in, and maybe best of all, 4 sturdy wooden trays that were handmade to put the plastic flats in so they were well supported when moving them around. And all for only $ is good! Some might argue that this bit of good luck was a little late since I've done nearly all my seed-starting already this year, but considering the challenges I was facing, I'm inclined to think it was perfect timing. The bigger tomatoes have outgrown the setup I had, so I was trying to figure out how to deal with them for the next 3-4 weeks, until I can get them transplanted into the outdoor garden. I was on my way to buy 1 or 2 more fluorescent lights at Wally world so I could create a new space of some sort (I didn't have any solid ideas on that part yet) for the taller plants. I spent all afternoon moving seedlings, taking down the old setup, and getting the new setup in place and loaded with the seedlings. Then I sat down to try to look up these plant carts on ebay and elsewhere. The only things I found that seem comparable cost over $300....and don't look to be as!

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