Friday, April 11, 2008

Big dog vs Baby Broccoli

I had noticed just yesterday that the Romanesco broccoli were looking great, and I made a mental note to try to transplant them into the garden beds this weekend. Then today happened. I came home from work to find our female Great Dane had managed to sneak into the garden – and had enjoyed herself thoroughly. Among other ‘changes’ she made, she had moved the one and only jug of Romanesco completely away from the garden and into “her” yard, where it appears she chewed on the jug, dropped it, rolled it, and generally tried her best to destroy the babies inside! They have been rescued, and thanks to the sturdy design of the jug, they weren’t broken and the roots were still in the soil. I took them out and transplanted each of the four into individual cups and then put them inside a plastic tub out in the carport for the night. Out of reach of sneaky big dogs. I may give them a few days to recover before I transplant them yet again.

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