Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Bargains

Yesterday was a good junking day, and I have the pictures to prove it. I'm drawn to kerosene oil lanterns and lamps , even though this one is missing the glass. The photo doesn't show it well, but the shelf has a towel bar underneath and is made of metal. I've got some ideas floating around about using that near my front door. The green metal file box has a locking mechanism and lock. Seems kind of pointless as it would be really easy to pry it apart, but I like the way it looks and needed a new file box for tax papers anyway. The neat chrome thing in the middle is an expandable trivet, made to hold various shapes of casseroles, but I'm toying with other uses. The cast iron candlestick is the perfect compliment to another one I bought a couple weeks ago. And the lone little fork - has great scrollwork engraving on it. Should make a cute hook for a coat or tea towel.

This is a scrapbook kit - perfect for someone building or remodeling their home. I'm not doing either and really was drawn to it because of the shapes and tags, but will probably end up selling it on ebay.

Just a couple of days ago I found a website that showed some really creative ways to turn bowling balls into garden art, so when I spied this ball I was really excited. Problem is, it is already a really gorgeous color - no need to add paint or mosaic! Instead I'll just spray on polyurethane (thanks so much to Dottie at
for sharing how to do this!) to prep it to withstand the sun's ultraviolet rays, and use my creative side to find or create an interesting pedestal to display it on.

This light shade is so feminine, I couldn't resist it! I don't do shabby-chic, or any really girly stuff in my decor though, so I guess this will be resold. I can see it as part of a birdbath or crystal totem creation, if not for its original purpose.


Felicia said...

Oh, I love your bowling ball! I thrifted one recently in a bag for two bucks. I adore the psychedelic colors and want to add it to the garden like you plan to.

LuvMyGarden said...

Thank you Felicia - I'm hoping to find more - I've got a BIG yard!

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