Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring exercise on hold

March is here at last, bringing the occasional sunshiny day and the desire to break the winter blahs with some outdoor exercise. And when a group formed at work to walk at noon a couple days a week I was happy to get on board. Our first walk was yesterday, and we had a choice of one of several predetermined routes, or our own. I opted for the 1 mile, thinking that would be a good way to start, and eventually work up to the 3 mile trail. My body, however, made it clear I chose poorly. Halfway through the walk I noticed the muscles in my left leg tightening up. Not a big deal really - might get a little sore, but I could handle that. By the end of the walk I had some mild pain. By the time I got home last night I could barely walk. Uh-oh.

And this morning it was only slightly better. I stayed home, on the sofa and babied my leg and foot. And, thankfully, I think I'm going to be back at work tomorrow. I did manage to sneak outside for just a few minutes late this afternoon. Perfect timing - the tiny purple crocuses were waiting for me - a nice end to a pretty boring day.
So, I'm thinking I may have to back off on the group-walking for a week or so....maybe start with a block-walk next week and work my way up. I'm paying for not staying active over the winter....and finding it gets a little harder each year to jump back in come spring!


junkermidge said...

Wow, that's no way to enjoy spring!
I hope your leg is feeling better. I guess you'll have to enjoy spring SLOWLY.

You do a great job blogging!
I'm awarding you a FAB BLOG award.
Visit my blog to check it out.


Blueberry Buttons said...

I sure hope your leg is feeling better, I seem to do that every year too! Love your flowers and your finds, how fun!
Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again!

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