Sunday, March 22, 2009

Support your local peas

I love peas fresh from the garden - whether using the whole pod or the mature shelled peas. But I haven't grown peas in a couple of years because we were avoiding high-carb foods. Well, they are back in my garden since I learned we can still enjoy the immature pods without overly-high carb counts. I sowed 8-10 Dwarf Grey Sugar peas a few days ago - they were from a seed-swap where typically you just get enough seed for a sampling, so that was all the seed there was. And in anticipation that they will germinate and grow well, I've designed a unique support trellis. Old bed spring coils! I scavenged these old rusty springs earlier this month and have had several ideas for using them - a rusty "Spring" wreath, a rain-chain, wind-chimes, etc. But right from the start I had thought they could work as an unusual support for my peas and bring a fun junk-twist to the garden.
This last photo is enhanced to show the coils better. I'll post more photos as the peas start climbing (I have faith they will!).


Tinta's Treasures said...

I just love your idea with the springs as a trellis. Where my husband works, they have a junk pile with two old bed springs. I asked him to cut off some of the springs for my crafting but now I'm gonna show him your idea and ask him to bring the whole thing home. I can't wait to see the peas, and maybe beans, vining up on them. And what a thrill to hear the comments our friends will make.
Cindy (tinta)

LuvMyGarden said...

Thanks - it will be fun to see how this turns out. The peas are sprouted now and I'm urging them to reach up for the springs! I hope I get to see photos of yours on your blog in the future.

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