Thursday, April 2, 2009

Green and Growing

I've been away from my blog for a bit longer than usual, but have a good report to share now on the green, growing going on around here.

All 12 tulips I planted last fall are up now, though the 2 on the north-most side of the bed came up 3-4 weeks later than the rest for some reason. Two are at the bloom stage - one is a nice bright gold, but this one has a rosy tinge that I'm anxious to see more fully. (And yes, it's time to fire up the hateful weedeater - but the blooms on those weeds in the background are kind of pretty...don't you think?)

The raindrops glisten on the strawberries....and what is that peeking out? Blooms???? Yes! Blooms!!! These Red Wonder Wild Strawberries may have been a bit of a challenge to start from seed last year, but what a treat they have proved to be. I can hardly wait to enjoy the tiny but unbelievably delectable berries - if I can keep them from getting frozen! Forecasts call for another freeze this evening and unfortunately, this could keep happening for the next 4 weeks - ugh.

My indoor garden is filling out too. As the sweet peppers are leafing out, I've been transplanting so there is only one per cup. The tomatoes got started later, but they'll catch up soon. I've had a few minor disappointments - the Tam peppers never sprouted - but I only wanted one plant for salsa anyway. I may only end up with one or two of a few specific things because of poor germination, but I knew some of my seed was 2-3 years old. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the turnout so far. And knowing I have several things growing in the wintersown jugs and coldframe tubs outdoors is a bonus. Yeah spring!

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