Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vintage Junk Crazed

It seems I'm vintage/junk-crazed these days. Not that I haven't loved old stuff before now, but it appears to be including items from the 50's-60's and even the 70's. I'm a yard sale junkie and I find myself zeroing in on the vintage and broken/rusty/crusty stuff and turning my nose up at the new.

Good news is, I'm not alone. From websites like Etsy to The Junk Revolution, to the tons of blogs out there authored by those with the same addiction, there is a growing population who are enamored with old stuff. Some because they are old enough to be nostalgic, others because of the "green" element (reduce, reuse, recycle), and others just because they're getting caught up in the fun!

I've posted previously about aprons, bowls and plates and such. Now I'm caught up in cut glass, and crystal pieces, and milk glass. Love these! I changed out from a lot of darker, heavier pottery pieces for these lighter, brighter pieces for spring. Just need my flowers to start blooming so I can fill the vases!

1 comment:

Ki said...

Love the pretty vases, jars and serving pieces even though I tend to be more industrial in my junk style. Maybe it is because flowers look so lovely in them. Hope your garden blooms soon!

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