Thursday, April 30, 2009

Treasures From the Past

Beautiful old silverplate pieces were going to be discarded - egads! I couldn't bear the thought! So, I'm on a mission to find them good homes. Not my home, mind you. I adore their form, the ornate details, the patina. But they don't reflect who I am. But I have faith someone out there will embrace them - either as they are or as a project to rejuvenate or repurpose. This tea and coffee service is missing the top piece of the coffee lid and I'm pretty sure the lid on the sugar doesn't really match - but it's a suitable replacement.

And this highly ornate pot is a feast for the eyes!

These pendant lights were a rummage sale find. I love those milk glass globes! Again, doesn't really fit my home and style, but I can't help but appreciate the beautiful details in both the glass and the metal pieces.

And finally - a map! Actually it's a wooden puzzle with a copyright from the early 1920's. I considered keeping it to help my grandchildren learn their US geography (minus the one missing piece in the northeast). But then again, do I really want to risk it getting chocolate fingerprints and kool-aid spots added to the felt tip marker that's already been used to outline each piece? Hmmm...and I can't imagine how exactly, but I'm sure it could be used in an artsy/modern mixed media creation to become something wonderful and treasured. Just have to get it into the right hands.

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