Saturday, March 14, 2009

What's up?

Colder temps bit hard last week, but a walk around the yards to see "what's up" proves spring is breaking out of winter's tight grip.

This forsythia is blooming bright at the corner of the front yard. I love their cheerful yellow and have at least 6 others scattered around our grounds.

The flowering almond's tight buds are rosy-tinged right now, but will soon open into puffs of cotton-candy pink. This bush is probably 50 years old, maybe more!

The Weeping Willow has leaves and some sort of bud that I don't recall seeing before, though surely it has appeared in years past.

A tulip pokes its strong points out of the bed I planted 12 of them in last November. I'm looking forward to the orangy-golden blooms the photos on the bulb bag promised.

And Easter Lilys bloom in clumps along the edge the old coke cooler.

All these signs of spring have me in a gardening state of mind! Next post I'll share "what's up" in the garden.

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