Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dish'n it

I've been longing for warmer weather and the yard sales that will start popping up all over. I've been trying to appease my addiction by hitting a flea market here and there - picking up one thing here, one thing there. But this weekend I finally got a good fix! I found a couple of thrift-stores I hadn't visited before and a community garage sale (held indoors, thank goodness, since it was snowing and hovering in the 20s all day!) in a neighboring town.

Maybe I went overboard on dishes ...hmmm... but I can justify it! I want to get a nice supply and variety for doing mosaics. And each of these just spoke to me!

The brown-eyed susans were really exciting to find - my daughter recently purchased a Monet sunflower print and I want to create a mosaic frame for her. I think a couple of shards with just a bit of yellow petals showing will really marry the frame to the print. And the green and aqua hues of the other 2 saucers are just beautiful.

I rarely even give state plates a glance, but the color and pattern of the rim on this Montana dish just grabbed me.

The delicate feathers in the center of these caught my eye. I've seen lots of wheat designs, but the feathers were new to me. I learned this pattern is "Prince of Wales"....I just know I love the color, feathers and scalloped edge.

And this dinner plate with green rose transfer design holds lots of possibilities.

And there were more - a Lemon Federalist pattern saucer - EXTREME yellow color! And a couple of others with deep, vibrant hues (I'd describe as school bus yellow and key-lime green) but I just couldn't get my camera to capture their true colors.

Next post I'll share the other goodies I dragged home!

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