Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quick, Easy Crackle Paint Project

I have a ton of projects I want to do, but have been stalling. Deciding which direction to take with these is giving me fits. I'm not sure what types of finishes I want, but I recently learned the scoop on creating a crackle paint finish without dropping a small fortune on special products. I found the perfect test item at a local thrift store - a wooden spindle on a base for $1. The paint on this didn't suit me, but the spindle itself did. So, using the easy method I learned about on one of my favorite new sites, Junk Revolution, I gave it a makeover.

This is the spindle I bought. That outdated finish has to go!

And here it is after a couple of quick coats of ivory acrylic paint and a coat of "Crackle" (this is sooooo easy - 1 part water mixed with 10 parts white school glue). I let the acrylic dry between coats and again before adding the glue mixture. Then I let the glue mix dry just until it was tacky before I painted on my final color.

I used the brown paint I had from my buffet redo and mixed it with enough black to give it a nice dark shade.

And, here it is!
Love it on my ceiling tin shelf. You may have noticed the ball on top has holes drilled in it. I'm going to look for something to pop into those to hold small "antiqued" pictures. But, on a high shelf it really doesn't have to have anything.


The Whistle Stop said...

To live on 100 acres, that would be my husbands dream life! Thanks for commenting on my sight about the pictures I couldn't post. I tried that but, it only put them all in a row and I was trying to mix them among the text. I have a friend to call that said she would help! I looked at the sight you used to make the blog "cute". I may look into that also! Gardening season coming soon! Yeah!

junkermidge said...

That spindle turned out great and looks so nice on your shelf. It sounds like that crackle technique is the way to go. Thanks for the info.

Ki said...

It is so much fun to find your site! Am glad to hear you are enjoying the Junk Revolution Community message boards! I have a million projects I want to work on as well. I am hoping to learn some gardening tips for junk projects this week. My thumb is not as green as yours I'm afraid!

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