Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bedroom Progress

My daughter and I started working on her bedroom in the spring, but with one thing and another, it's taken until now to bring it all together.  Well, truthfully, there is still much on the to-do list, but it's time to share what has been accomplished so far....
Inspiration for the room's accent colors came from the painting - a gift from one of my daughter's art professors. The mirror was a $5 thrift store find.  One piece of trim had broken off, so we broke off that piece on the other side too, sanded and painted white - looks great!  Those bottles and vintage plaster cat pick up the primary colors from the artwork beautifully.  The updated dresser they sit on was the focus of an earlier post.
This sweet little side table was dull, dry, unpainted wood with framed glass doors and brass knobs.  It was a great buy at $5 from a yard sale.  Now it is fresh and gorgeous with its new white paint, silver knobs (silver metallic spray paint) and "frosted" glass doors.  A little thinned white glass paint worked the magic to give the glass a frosted look.
My daughter chose fabrics a couple days ago, then I got busy this weekend and whipped up some pillows.  The yellow, red and gray really pop on her white coverlet!  I vote for more pillows, but waiting on the daughter to decide if she wants any more.
I did the applique on the front pillow by hand.  It took me three times as long to do the one pillow as it did the other two combined!  But so worth it to tie all the fabrics together in one.
Yes, it is a trash can, but isn't it pretty in it's silver coat?!  It was a vintage piece my daughter picked up at a yard sale.  But it was gold and showing its age.  Metallic silver spray paint to the rescue!

 Last, but by far my favorite of all, is this old armoire.  It was a major project thanks to several coats of paint that had to be sanded.  But it is glorious in fresh white, with new knobs in silver.  We even removed all the old paint from the hinges and spray painted them silver too.  Gorgeous and holds a ton of stuff!
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teamgage said...

It's looking so good!! I love the pillow design! It has come together so well and the price is all right :) can't wait to see the curtains next!

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