Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Summer Chaos

Funny how I always think I can keep up with everything, but time after time I am reminded that my time and energy are not limitless.  Things have been hopping at my house, which results in my blog being ignored. Birthdays and other family gatherings have been fun and abundant, and will continue to be for the next month. The garden and flower beds are growing and gorgeous and need lots of attention. Of course that 40-hour job that pays the bills around here gets in the way of all the other things I think I need on my list.  Plus a number of projects are underway in the daughter's room that I hope can be finished in the next few weeks so I can share.  Oh, and those puppies - TEN puppies!

Meet the Terrific Ten:  5 girls: Stella, Sophia, Mercy, Duffy & Carrie Valentine.  5 boys: Shiloh, Shepley, Huey, Dewey & Louie. 4 are Poma-poos and 6 are toy Poodles.

It's impossible to get a lot done around here when 10 little fur-babies are begging for love - they just suck me in with their uber-cuteness!  Just a couple more weeks until they'll be heading for their forever homes, so I may as well enjoy them while I can. Some things can wait - puppy kisses aren't on that list!
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Kelly said...

They are heart-stopping!!


Mrs.B said...

So cute!!!! :)

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