Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dresser Facelift - Under $25

My daughter and I found this great little Thomasville dresser on Craigslist.  
Good quality, good bones, but abused...a serious dog chew on the base
trim, lots of scratches and scrapes, a missing drawer handle, etc.
At $15 it was still a bargain, plus we had spent weeks looking
for one just the right size for her room, and finally, this was it!
My husband did his part by using an air grinder to smooth down the dog chewed
area and then ground down the opposite end to match.  Well, "match" might
not be exactly right, but it was close enough!  After removing the
handles, some sanding, some primer, a bit of wood filler and
more sanding, it was ready for paint.  
Pure white was my daughter's choice, so I bought a good quality white paint and
gave it a couple of coats with a foam roller and foam brush.  She wanted a
clean, modern look, so I located the drawer pulls I had removed from my
kitchen renovation a few years ago (see, there's a reason I hoard :)
and scrubbed them up. They look like brand new - which really
speaks to the quality of things made 40 or more years ago.
Try to ignore the clutter on the floor and next to the dresser - that's another new
storage project for this room - to be unveiled soon!  I really like how the fresh
snow white of the dresser complements the cool gray shades of the
 floor (painted concrete) and walls.
This room has gone from peachy-country-romantic-girly to calm-modern-mature.
Perfect for my daughter's last year at home before graduating college and
riding off into the sunset with her prince. And still perfect for when that
room becomes our guest bedroom/my crafting space.

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