Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Puppy Pandemonium!

 We've had a week filled with PUPPIES!  No, didn't mean to have puppies.
Yes, we should have had our girls fixed.  But an unexpected, 3 month stay
by my mother's male toy poodle, Lucky (isn't that a fitting name?!) brought 
one last round of puppies to our household.  And BOY, do we have puppies!  
Roxie, our Pomapoo has 4 little Poma-Poo-Poos - 1/4 Pom, 3/4 Poo :)  
And Lizzie has 6...yes that's right, SIX purebred Toy Poodles.  Oh.  My. 

So, by now you've guessed what's happened to my projects and the posts that
were supposed to happen.  They have taken a big ol' back seat to puppies 
and everything else going on around here - like wonderful Mother's 
Day festivities, and a whole lot more.

More projects will be posted soon, but for now, enjoy these sweet little faces.  
That's what I'm doing :)

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Kelly said...

Oh my goodness! TOO cute!!! Enjoy them. :)

Nicole said...

So cute! If we were closer, I may just have to relieve you from one. ;)

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