Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Black Bowl

I've been wanting to copy an idea I've seen out in blogland at least a dozen times - the repurposing/marriage of a wooden fruit bowl and a wooden candlestick to 
create a pedestal bowl.  My need to have one of these little beauties 
led me to snap up several possible choices at thrift stores and 
yard sales over the summer.  Then I had to decide which 
pieces would look best together...
and what color to paint it.  
I'm loving the black I chose!  For that matter I love the whole combination,
especially since it cost me less than $2.  The white berry wreath and blue
Ball jar just happened to be handy so I set them in the bowl.  Perfect!
I think I need something "fallish" in the jar...maybe some mini-mini
pumpkins?  Or maybe some acorns? Ideas anyone?

Pretty sure I need to put a little more autumn into the overall decor of my 
antique buffet.  Maybe the blue and white need to go away, but I'd rather 
come up with a combination that incorporates all the colors here. OK, 
maybe not rust-red candles, but I still want 
some autumn-y touches included.
The best thing about the decor here is everything is 'old' or handmade.  The
buffet came to me by way of a trade for a furniture piece I wanted to get 
rid of.  I created the wreath, the twiggy bouquet and of course, the 
pedestal bowl.  Everything else was purchased 2nd-hand at 
either a flea market, yard sale,or thrift store. 
Even the candles!
So, I'm ready for your ideas on spiffing this little corner up for 
fall...please share!

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