Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rustic and Natural Christmas

The last couple of years I decorated our Christmas tree in shades of coffee and cream with beautiful glass balls, golden bead garlands and some handmade paper birds complete with real feathers and a garland of ivory and chocolate tulle for a soft play on the lights.  Pretty fancy for me!  But I had always incorporated some natural decor with dried plant pods and plumes,  spray-painted in metallic gold, ivory, or espresso.

2012 is the year of the fully rustic tree at our house.  This is more "me" for sure! I think my favorite ornies so far are my twig snowflakes. Some have pine cones and greens hot-glued on, but my favorite version sports tiny cedar and oak "holeless buttons" I had cut 
back in the summer for use at our daughter's wedding in September.  Love those!
The glow of the mini-lights looks so inviting in these first pics, I just couldn't resist turning off the flash for these.

This snowflake has been dressed with bits cut from a candle wreath rescued from a local thrift store.  Why spend $ on brand new items from the craft supply stores when I can pick up thrift shops that can be repurposed like this.
OK - so here are pics with flash - shows detail much better.

 I also crafted a star to set atop the tree....
 and a mini-tree complete with real tiny pinecones gathered from beneath a huge, old evergreen tree located on the grounds of the university where I work.  I spritzed those babies with a light coat of red 
spray-paint to add a punch of color.  The finishing touches area couple of rusty jingle bells and epsom salt mod-podgedat the end of each "branch" to add just a bit of sparkle.
Other bits and pieces I used on our tree: raffia for garland, ruby red glass pine cones,  real pine cones in various sizes, oversized rusty skeleton keys.  I'm still looking for ways to utilize more of the cedar buttons - maybe a garland?

Can't wait for tomorrow - my daughters and a couple of grandaughters will be joining me for some serious cookie-baking-decorating and crafting!  We do this every year and always have a grand time!
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