Monday, September 24, 2012


Saturday afternoon, driving back home from a family reunion, 
I decided to take the backroads.  I had planned to stop at a little 
flea market I hadn't been to in a couple of years.  Sadly the sign 
had disappeared from the yard of the little farmhouse, replaced by 
signs of a family-in-residence.  If I couldn't get my fleamarket fix, 
I decided next best would be to visit the little variety shop run 
by the mennonites.  On the way, I was struck by how 
lush and green the fields had become...

Only a few short weeks back these pastures were brown, dry 
and lifeless, and the cattle would have been in search of hay 
rather than contentedly chewing their cud as they 
enjoyed both the sunshine and shade.
 Nearing the crossroads where the shop is located....
And here we are - at the front entrance of this sweet little 
shop where the sign beckons all to come in for books, 
shoes, gifts, cheese and oak furniture!
I made a beeline for the spice room with all it's heavenly 
scents and stocked up on dried chopped onion, and 
sour cream/garlic powder, cinnamon and sliced 
almonds. I had to drag myself away from the candies
 - chocolate covered peanuts, raisins and almonds and 
more.  No time to look through the hundreds of 
old-fashioned children's books and games, or browse 
through the gorgeous glassware or handmade oak 
chairs and chests.  I'll save that for a day when I 
can bring a friend or two who have never had 
the pleasure of visiting here before.

 Then on my way down another backroad, I see what looks 
like a fawn - sure enough, a spotted baby deer....

then more, now in varying light shades of near-white
and then darker shades...
 and then sheep in multi-hues too.
I had hoped to see the fields of sunflowers I
recalled from other sunny September days spent driving these 
backroads, but therewere none to be found.  Maybe the 
drought is responsible, or maybe the farmers simply 
chose to grow a different crop this year.  In spite of 
missing things I thought I would see, there were 
some unexpected little surprises that made it a 
beautiful drive anyway.

Do you ever take backroads?
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