Monday, March 28, 2011

Green and Growing

The last several days have been full to say the new projects to unveil yet,
but lots going on around here.  Namely a bedroom re-do for my daughter, 
homecoming for my mother who is recovering from a broken ankle, and
a birthday party for the 1-year-old granddaughter.  Never a dull
moment for sure! And while all these goings-on have been taking
place, there's been a whole lot of growing going on too....
I'm starting only four varieties of tomatoes this year.  Thought I'd stick with my
favorites, because I just can't get enough of those Green Zebras!
Yes - that IS grass....Ponytail Grass actually.  It is a beautiful ornamental that bobs
and sways gracefully in the lightest breeze. These will be the centerpieces 
of some of my porch planters this summer.
The cherry tomatoes are the fastest growers - though they were sown the same time 
as the other varieties they are nearly twice bigger already!
Looking forward to planting these beauties outdoors in a few weeks....
come on spring!
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Kindra-At Home With K said...

I can't wait to start our garden. So fun to see what we can actually grow and eat. As long as the darn rabbits stay away.
I can't wait to see your aqua door when you get around to it! I was debating on painting my side door that color or something similar. :)

junkermidge said...

Every year I say "THIS is the year that I start a garden". But let me just say "This IS the year I start a garden." And I'm starting with tomatoes. You make it look so easy, and fun!

Erin said...

I wish I had a space to put starters! :( I may have to eek out a space on the table or something next year.

But, I'm with you....COME ON SPRING! :)

Kelly said...

Yay for gardens! I love that grass you planted. I've never heard of that! I have been at work in our vegetable beds this year. So fun! Hope you have great success.


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