Monday, November 23, 2009

Working in Circles

I'm SOOOO proud! My artsy sophomore-in-college daughter has her first published article! She submitted some of her handmade jewelry pieces to Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine and on the very first try - she's got her own 2 page article! It's titled "Working in Circles"....sounds more like ME than her! Of course, that's just a play on words since the pieces in this article are based on hammered copper circles.

She has been trying to teach me how to create my own jewelry pieces. I'm confident I'll never reach her level of artistry, but still it's been fun.

If you enjoy making jewelry, or want to learn, or just love to look at the work of some amazing jewelry artists - get this magazine! Belle Armoire winter edition, available at Barnes & Noble or Borders on Dec. 1, 2009. Oh, and my daughter's article is on page 63... :)

1 comment:

JunkinJane said...

Tell your daughter congratulations! Great looking piece, I can tell you are proud of her!

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