Monday, September 28, 2009

Products of Neglect

In spite of best-laid plans, my garden was neglected this year - a lot! So I marvel at all it is managing to still produce. Those striking purple Asters have bloomed a whole month later than normal thanks to the unusually cool, wet summer we had - and are prettier than they ever were before. The once over-abundant cucumbers have dwindled to the point that I'm rather surprised to find one as nice as the one shown here. The tiny yellow cherry tomatoes grew volunteer in the melon patch, where they are just now ripening, and should give us more than we can eat right up until frost. The light green squash isn't a zucchini, but a baby neck pumpkin. I'll use it like I would a summer squash, since it wouldn't have had time to fully mature before frost now. And the mini-pumpkin was lurking amongst the marigolds this evening. Next post I'll share photos of what I've been doing with the okra - what an amazing plant!

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The Persimmon Perch said...

Our little city garden is done for the year. It's so sad when it ends and you have go to the store again. What great little surprises you have. I've never seen the "green pumpkin" before!

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