Sunday, June 15, 2008

Garden report

The big planter at the entry to the front porch is filling out nicely, compared to a few weeks ago (see photo).

I finally have my grapevine wreath planted for the season - with blue-eyes and snapdragons.

I've never been a big fan
of impatiens - but these double-impatiens in a deep rosy color with white variegation remind me of them! They were a gift from one of my sons and his little boy.

In the kitchen garden things are really taking off now - sever
al of the tomato plants now have small green tomatoes. These are "Bloody Butcher", an heirloom that I'm growing for the first time. They are supposed to ripen early - I'm hoping by July 4th!

Snow's Fancy Pickling cucumbers have blooms! I ended up with only 2 plants, so I'm a little doubtful there will be enough to can pickles. But I'm sure they will be great fresh and as refrigerator pickles.

These are the first nasturtium blooms my garden has ever seen. I've never grown them before and wasn't sure exactly what I was getting. They sounded awesome - insect repellent, yet edible blooms - in a striking orange color with wonderful variegated foliage. I have 3 others planted and hope they will all be blooming before long, providing whatever magic they have to ward off the evil insects!

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