Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fine details

I love herbs! This is the first year I have successfully grown cilantro and I'm thrilled! Not only do I love going out to the garden and grabbing a handful to add zest to our meals, I love the tiny, airy white blooms that remind me of baby's breath. And can you see the seed forming in the lower right of this photo? Coriander in the making - not to mention seed for new sowings. (For an enlarged view, click on the photos)

The dill won a place in my garden last year with the wonderful scent, feathery foliage, and bright yellow/green seed heads.
For some reason it doesn't seem to have as strong a scent as last year. Maybe heat has something to do with it - so far this year we've had cooler temps and lots, lots, lots of wet! And this is earlier than last year for my dill to mature - seems it was July or August before I heads appeared.

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