Thursday, January 10, 2008

I happened across these pictures as I was searching back through some files and remembered a wonderful week in June 2006...I took a few vacation days, and though we stayed close to home, it was one of the best vacations I've had. These shots were taken during a fishing outing at Pomme de Terre lake that week. I vowed after the fishing trip a few weeks earlier, when we watched a mink hunt for fish and take them back up to the nest - it probably made 6 trips while we were in the area - that I must bring my camera every time. Well, that hasn't happened, but at least when I did remember it, it was worthwhile.

This shot was taken at the edge of our yard just before sunset one evening that same week...I had promised myself that I would take as many photos as possible during that vacation....and now have some wonderful memories because of it.

Oh, and here is a little tree frog that caught my eye. He was clinging to a hanging candle "thing" I had on a shepherd's hook next to the porch...I probably took 12 shots of him and only these 3 were clear enough to keep - so I combined them into one for an interesting photo.

Sometimes it's good therapy to revisit a happy time in our past...I've had a lot of stress at work this week, so this was a nice way to spend this evening!

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