Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Fishy to Fabulous

Somebody, somewhere, sometime thought this was a neat design for this little coat hook rack. When I saw it at a yard sale last summer I knew those black porcelain knobs were way too spiffy for a "Gone Fishin" plaque! Giant blunt fish hooks would have been fun...but I'm not really into the huntin' and fishin' look in my decor anyway. So, an easy update was in order....
A little painting and distressing, plus some pretty scrapbook paper cut and modge-podged to the center panel and it's done! I did remove the hooks first so I wouldn't get paint on them. Then I lightly sanded to rough up the surface. I wiped it down with a soft cloth to remove any dust, and slapped on a bit of black acrylic craft paint around all the edges and let that dry. I mixed some blue, green and white acrylic paints until I got the robin egg blue I wanted and brushed that on. Once the blue was dry I distressed it by rubbing with a little sandpaper and some steel wool - letting both the black and the original red show through here and there.
The final step was decoupaging the scrapbook paper on to the front panel. The paper wasn't wide enough to reach from end to end so at first I cut a decorative shape on each end. But, I didn't like the look so I just cut a couple more pieces and added them to each end to fill in the entire panel. Looks much better! I've been debating whether to add some kind of accents. But I really like this look. What do you think? Should I add something? And if yes, then what/where?Right now it hangs across from my pantry holding aprons, but I've got a couple other spots where it would look adorable too, so it may travel a bit.

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Kelly said...

Hello! I found you through Under 100. I love this project! This sign definitely wasn't quite working before, and you made it shine!

I'm following you now!

Come visit!


Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I am hooked on hooks! So much better after :)! Thanks for linking up to Beyond The Picket Fence.

Kim @ Second Time Furniture said...

This is so cute!

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