Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Theatre Thrift Finds

So....I had just returned from a chilly trip to the post office when my co-worker/friend, Debra, pops into my office and shows me the photos on her phone. Stuff. Free stuff. Cool, free stuff just a couple blocks away in front of the theatre props warehouse! Away we went in my wonderful van with the stow-n-go seats. We pulled up and hopped out - treasures for sure! I tried to stow-n-go the seats - - no luck. Too cold to mess with them so I just propped one into a semi-stowed position and we started loading! All the while my keys were in my grasp - and I kept accidentally hitting the lock button which makes my van's horn beep. Beep! Beep!! Beeeep!!! Didn't really want to draw attention to us picking through the trash, but of course I couldn't take a moment to put the keys in my pocket! For some reason, Debra doesn't seem to think I make a good partner for dumpster diving now :)

But it was worth it...love this little black & blue table....the criss-crossed supports are pretty badly broken and may not be salvageable. You can't see the top, for the other table is resting there, but it is covered with paint drips and blobs, and some pretty rough gouges. But I see potential - can't wait for the weather to warm up enough so I can play with it.The white table with the turned legs is upside down - not quite as rough as the black/blue table, but still in need of some intense love. And the little gold stool is very stocky and heavy. I'm imagining it with a hinged lid and attached pillow on top.
But my favorite find was this 3rd table....would you get a load of those crazy curvy legs! It's long and lean with thick shaped legs - very unusual - and screams to me that it wants to be a desk. Or maybe a display area for the wonderful artsy creations my daughter conjures up, like these black & white photos from her last photography class.
There's something about black & white photography that just captures my imagination.
And since many of these pictures are of my lovely grandkids, I'm hoping to talk the daughter out of a few of these. What a great day!


Deblynco said...

Man that curvy legged white table looks good standing upright in a room. What was I thinking not tagging that one for myself :)

teamgage said...

Oooh!! Love the curvy legged table!!!! That is awesome!! So glad that u had some luck...watch out it becomes addictive very fast!!! Haha can't wait to see what u do with your finds!

tnilsen said...

Love, LOVE your finds! And I am completely in love with Fallan's photography; I too am in love with black and white!

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