Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vintage Fabric Finds

Did your mom make clothes for you when you were young? Many of my clothes were handmade. And while I didn't appreciate them like I should have then, I have fond memories of the clothing and the fabrics mom so lovingly made for her daughters. I remember my first mini-skirt - it was actually a dress that was made to look like a top over a skirt. And the dress I wore the first day of fifth grade as I started at a new school - a beautiful lime and light blue dotted swiss number that I was sure would "wow" the other kids.

Recently I got the chance to purchase a few pieces that remind me of "back when" which was the 1960's-70's. Love this cotton print with daisies scattered about.
And how about this paisley stripe...I remember using fabrics like this in the early 1980's to create crafts.
This retro print reminds me of my grandma and the 60's. Mantle clocks and vining flowers - who came up with that?
There are several other pieces in the batch I bought, but I think my favorite is this abstract rose print. The colors are so vivid on the pure white background. It would have made the perfect 1960's sheath dress (think Jaqueline Kennedy) with a colorful belt and handbag and heels to compliment the colors.
Not sure yet what will happen with all the pieces - I've posted a few for sale on Etsy. And I have plans in mind for a darling pink dotted swiss piece to become something sweet for my granddaughters. And, my youngest daughter has been eyeing another daisy print with a turquoise background. (I knew she would probably stake claim to some of it!) Hopefully I'll eventually get some of this made into fun new items and post them here.

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junkermidge said...

My mom always sewed my clothes for me -- up until about middle school. Some of those fabrics do take me back, and it makes me laugh to think about some of those outfits. Thanks for reminding me.

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