Saturday, May 3, 2008

Torenia and Vinca and more

I stopped at a nursery on the way home from work last night and spent nearly $30 for only enough plants to do 2 planters - yikes! I have at least 4 more planters I want to buy plants for, so I'm hoping I can hold out til near the end of May when they will start cutting the prices. Of course the selection will dwindle too, but I usually can come up with some nice mixes still, so it's all good. This first photo is the grapevine plant stand that I will set next to the front door, on the porch. I have a plastic container inside it filled with a "Golden Moon" torenia (see the yellow flower?), a "Blackie" sweet potato vine, some vinca vine, and a "Violet Moon" torenia. It looks a bit small just yet, but in 2-3 weeks it should start filling out nicely and hide the container. 2nd photo is the huge planter that sits just off the east end of the porch. It also has the dark sweet potato vine, then clockwise from that is vinca vine, "Giant White" Bacopa - will have tons of small white flowers on trailing stems, next is the "Silver Mist" licorice plant which has interesting yellow-green foliage that matures to a silver-white-green color, more vinca vine, then the bright "Cabaret Yellow" calibrachoa (also called super bells or million bells). Again, once this fills out and grows up, it should look very nice against the pale yellow backdrop of our house.

The last photo is the final picture I took of my chinese wisteria before the beauty of the blooms started to fade.
I love the old-fashioned feel of this view, with the blooms hanging over the window of the old cellar.

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