Monday, February 4, 2008

Edamame to spare!

So last fall, after having come to fully appreciate Edamame (garden-type soybeans), I surfed the web trying to learn more and figure out what varieties are available. And I stumbled upon a very helpful site - more helpful than I would have guessed at first. They actually offered free beans for planting! I emailed them to see if the offer was still valid - and sure enough - all I had to do was email back my mailing info. That was last October, and today I got my beans, and in plenty of time, because like most beans, they need to be planted after last frost and the soil is plenty warm. There are 9 different packages, each with 30-40 beans. I had already bought a packet from Baker Creek Seed, to be sure I had plenty.

I am thrilled.
After my mini-crop last year of about 8 plants, I swore I'd have a full row next year! (Now maybe three?!?) They are so delicious, so easy to grow and cook, and freeze, and so nutritious, I'm compelled to spread the word. I checked the website again tonight and it seems the offer is still good.... see for yourself! National Soybean Research Laboratory

PHOTO: Soybeans from my garden last summer are the taller leafy plants in upper right

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