Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day 2007

I started my day at 5:30 am, puttering around the kitchen, peeling boiled eggs, pureeing the pumpkin I baked yesterday, and generally just making an all-out mess, and enjoying it thoroughly. The results?

The Pumpkin-Cranberry bread was my creation, the hashbrown casserole was Fallan's, as well as the lovely pumpkin bouquet in the photos. Plus she made a family favorite, Pumpkin pie-cake. Had a wonderful time, though I feel guilty for not accomplishing more this day. I hope to get lots done tomorrow - and you won't catch me out shopping for sure! If it can't be done online, I'll just wait, thank you very much. Shopping with hoards of grouchy, selfish, frustrated and downright hateful people is great for those who can stand it - just not me!

Goal for tomorrow is to get the dining room cleaned thoroughly and maybe put up the Christmas tree. Also want to work out in the garden if I can stand the cold. Old tomato vines need to be pulled up and burned, and the other plant remnants need to be run through the shredder and put into the composter. And I want to pile leaf/grass mulch on the veggie and flower beds. If I get all that done it will be a great day.

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